Wednesday, January 23, 2008

At The End Of The Day

I read this in a devotional recently & wanted to share it here:

Bishop T. Wilson (1663-1755) asked himself these questions at the end of the day:

What good am I doing in the world?

Am I bringing up my children to fear God?

Have I been kind and helpful to poor and needy people?

Have I been honest in all my dealings?

Have I lived in the fear of God and worshipped Him both publicly and privately?

Of course, being able to give positive answers to all of these is not what saves us, but it's good to reflect upon our walk from time to time, so I always appreciate hearing or reading about the ways in which others evaluate themselves.

Lately, I've also been wondering why it is that some get so annoyed whenever the idea of doing good works or even keeping the Law is brought up. Since when is wanting to do well by others and wanting to rest on a particular day of the week a bad thing? I can understand the issue if one believes that their salvation is gained by either of these, but for those who count it a joy or even a sacrifice to the Father to do so, why is there so much negativity thrown their way by fellow believers?

I continue to ask this as I continue to encounter people who consistently take offense to any mention of Sabbath keeping and any mention of striving to do good works. I often hear how impossible it is to keep the law as though that's an excuse not to even try.

But anyway...

Hope everyone is enjoying a blessed week and even if you're nowhere near perfect, I hope you set your goals high and at least try to be. Somehow, I don't think Elohim minds this at all! ;)

Goodnight all and enjoy His grace!