Monday, December 31, 2007


Theories prevail that we are not actually at the turning point of a new year. This thought is that a new year doesn't begin in the dead of Winter, but rather sometime in Spring when nature blooms. However, according to our calendar (right or wrong) this is seen as a new beginning throughout most of the world. So I'd like to take this space to offer blessings to each of you in the year ahead.

I know I haven't blogged much in the past month. There's no particular reason for that, either (lol). But I've been around and have still been enjoying, learning from and even commenting on some of your blogs. I so appreciate all of you. Your blogs challenge me, amuse me, bless me, edify me and give me an opportunity to get to know some downright awesome people all over the world.

I pray that all of you are able to put aside all of the worries and disappointments of 2007...that you are able to grow from your lessons in this past year and that you hold dear all of the good memories you created and participated in in this past year. May 2008 be a year of positive change, intense growth, expanded knowledge, gracious teaching and the year that you seek the Father as never before. May you and yours know His goodness, grace, mercy, love and favor all of 2008 and beyond.

I appreciate each and every one of you!

Have the happiest of new years,



Sicarii said...

Dearest sister:

I hope you'll forgive me for seeing this post of yours so late and only now wishing you a happy new year!

Have a blessed year ahead. I miss your posts and I'm sorry I didn't check often enough after you went quiet after the last one. :(

God bless you, sister. Blessings and love to everyone at home.

Shalom Aleichem.

FreeIndeed said...

No apology necessary, Isaiah! LOL

I'm the one that's been MIA lately...after over a month, who could blame you?!

Everything's great here. Been taking a writing break and, in the process, learning a lot from reading blogs like yours and a few others. I'm still around, though, so stay tuned... :)

All the best to you and your lovely wife!