Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wedding Weekend

This weekend, I went to the wedding I said I wouldn't go to (shut up, lol, I felt like hanging out with Mr. Free, so I went. Plus, we only made an appearance and then went to Saturday service at a church we fellowship with before going to see Transformers. Good movie, btw).

Anyway. Why did the groom marry the bride under a last name that wasn't his? You'll recall this is his third marriage and her second, but why did I find out that he also married both of his former wives under different names as well? There's more triflingness to this whole event, but I won't go into all of the details. I trust that you've already gotten a whiff of this mess already.

Funny thing, and really the reason for this post, is that when the groom's mom hugged me after the ceremony (which I'll blog on later), she commented that this was her son's third one and that she prays this one "sticks". Okay. She then told me that she was still waiting for Mr. Free and I to "do it" (i.e. get legally married via a ceremony). I told her that we were already married, by Spiritual definition (true definition), but that we will have a ceremony in the near future just so that everyone can be an "official" witness to our marriage. She gave me the most puzzled look for a split second, as though I were delusional, and then softly said, "Oh, okay". I really like his mom (not wild about her son, but that's another story) and didn't mean any disrespect, but I am just so weary of people not "getting it". Here, she's sitting on the front row witnessing her son's third marriage (which already has issues) as well as she's on her own third marriage (hence all of the different last names her son is using), but Mr. Free and I have been together so long that we were present at her son's first wedding 15 years ago, have raised a healthy adult son now in college, have built a stable home and are focused on being together for the rest of our lives.

In short, her son is continuously making and breaking new marriage vows, but Mr. Free and I are actually living ours. Who's married, again? Do people actually believe that Elohim will not honor marriage as He stipulates it in the bible unless it's legal? Isn't that making Him subject to government (a government, btw, who has changed marriage laws numerous times since the inception of our country)?

Ridiculous. Patently ridiculous.



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