Wednesday, September 5, 2007

DIVORCE: The Enemy's Plan Of Attack On Our Children

Yesterday, a young person that I mentor called me up asking if we could get together as they needed to talk. Within a few hours we were sitting across the table from one another as they poured their heart out regarding their father having just left the home. My mentee had brought along a younger sibling and it was painfully obvious that these children were confused and hurting over their parent's threats of divorce and their father's earlier departure.

Undoubtedly, the enemy was pleased.

With family being the cornerstone of society and marriage being a component which assists in guarding us against questionable paternity and sexual immorality, his strategy is obvious. Destroy the family and children are then open game. I've read many studies which have indicated, over and over again, that children from broken homes struggle more with poor academic achievement, truancy, gang affiliation, drug and alcohol abuse and even incarceration. This is not to say that every child from divorced parents goes this route only that the chances of them doing so are believed to increase as a result of divorce and being raised in a single-parent (often female-headed) household. The enemy's strategy is surely to divide and conquer. Divide the parents and conquer our children.

I'm aware that many don't believe in remaining together for the sake of children. Even many psychologists now say that doing so is not a good idea as such homes are often tumultuous battlegrounds creating environments psychologically harmful to children. But what about not just staying together, but working it out for the sake of the children? How about realizing the harmful effects of an unhappy home and of divorce and agreeing, together, that for the children's sake you will do any and everything to recreate a happy marriage and remain together forever (because even adult children are scarred by divorce)?

This morning, I woke up to the headline that Shaquille and Shaunie O'Neal are divorcing. They have six minor children. That is a total of eight lives that are affected and six of them are (I'll bet) being given no choice in the matter!

Divorce is the enemy's plan. We have got to find ways to thwart his intentions and make marriages work. If we don't, it is our children who pay the highest price. And, if he can attack people at an early enough stage, he has a better chance of affecting the rest of their lives. In his plan of destruction, the younger (and weaker) the better.

I don't pretend to know the answer to everyone's marital woes, but I do know that the answers are all within the Word of Elohim. I know that if anyone seeks His will first, He will never tell two to divorce. This past weekend, my cousin Wes told me that he is divorcing Macy. He said he prayed about it and that this was his answer. Obviously, he's been deceived. I can see Elohim telling them to get off of drugs. I can see Elohim telling him to honor his wife. I can see Elohim telling him to repent and to forgive his wife at the same time, but I cannot see Elohim, who hates divorce, telling one who calls upon Him to abandon his covenant. That is contrary to everything He teaches about marriage in the scriptures.

This is another reason why I say that legal marriage is nothing even related to biblical marriage. With legal marriage, divorce (and remarriage) is perfectly acceptable (and as many times as you wish to do so...legally). With legal marriage, no reason has to even be given for divorce in contrast to the bible which ONLY allows it in cases of adultery (if forgiveness can't be found) and, even then, neither should be allowed to remarry. In legal marriage, no biblical standard is held or enforced. Legal marriage is an entirely different institution from what Elohim gave us at creation.

Divorce, however, has always been an attack strategy of the enemy and it has always been perfectly permissible by the State. When will we see the parallels?

And to think that Christians are willingly participating in this strategy daily as though it's perfectly normal and acceptable literally makes my heart weep.

Call me unrealistic, idealistic, legalistic, judgmental or even plain crazy, but it is what it is...wrong! Don't take my word for it, take His. And even if you disagree, I hope you'll at least remember to pray for the children on the enemies radar which are under attack.



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