Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Accept This Award In His Honor

The one thing that I never expected would happen has happened.

And I couldn't be happier.

This little ol' blog has been awarded the Mathetes Award for excellence in discipleship from none other than one of my most favorite fellow bloggers, Isaiah (aka Sicarii) over at Joie de Vivre!!!

It's at this same time...and with great pleasure...that I'd like to also congratulate Isaiah as a previous recipient of this award as well! He TRULY is deserving of this as his blog is always fresh, powerful, thought-provoking and FULL of the Word of the Most High Elohim. I always have a blessed time reading what Isaiah shares there.

The Mathetes Award was created by Dan King of Management By God and is one that I truly treasure as Mathete is the Greek word for "disciple". How cool is that?! Sometimes I don't feel like much of one, but this distinction reminds me that it's not at all about me (or what I feel), but about following His teachings, His commandments and sharing what He's put on my heart.

Perhaps the best part of this whole celebration is that, with this recognition also comes responsibility. So it is now my privilege to pass this award to the following bloggers:

1. Musings Of A Mountain Mama by Stephanie

2. Making Home by Jess

3. An Helpmeet for Him by Kerry Leise

4. Trinitarian Don by Donald McConnell

5. Clothesline Alley by Mrs. Brigham

I cannot thank Isaiah enough for extending this award to me, not only because it encourages me and gives honor to Him who inspires me, but, by the very rules of this award, it also gives me an opportunity to acknowledge the 5 bloggers above from whom I've learned quite a bit. Our Father has used each of these bloggers to stretch my mind and touch my heart in very profound ways.

As you visit all of the Mathetes Award winners, I hope you will be as blessed by all of them as Elohim makes His presence known on every one.

Peace Beloved,


P.S. Should you know a blogger you are inspired to bestow this award on, please feel free. Just remember to do so according to Dan King's rules and do let us know who you've shared it with, so that we can congratulate them too. :) ~F.


Sicarii said...

Dear Free:

You are too kind! I am nothing but an instrument and deserve none of the praise, but Elohim alone.

Much as the award is about discipleship, everyday we shall strive to become true disciples of Elohim.

God bless you, and thank you for being an inspiration!

Shalom Aleichem.

FreeIndeed said...


Yes, all praise to Him of whom we both belong!

I really am encouraged by this award and I'm especially thankful that he used a disciple whom I greatly admire, to bring it through.

May you be richly and warmly blessed forever, friend.

Mrs. Brigham said...

Thank you so very much! :o)

FreeIndeed said...

You are very welcome as it is WELL deserved!