Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Great Sabbath Study

I found a simple, yet very thorough Sabbath study online. I'm posting a link directly to an article on Anti-Sabbath arguments (rebutting them, of course), but please be sure to visit all of the links at the end of the article, especially if you're new to the whole idea of obeying the Sabbath commandment.


Anti-Sabbath Arguments by Steve Wohlberg of White Horse Media



Sicarii said...

Dear Free:

How apt is this!! As you know I have gone through a difficult period in deciding for myself what is really required in following Yahweh, and one of the decisions I made was to keep the Shabbat above all else.

This has definitely been God's work, that through your post He affirms the decision He has led me to.

Yahweh be praised!

God bless, and Shalom Aleichem.

FreeIndeed said...

Yes, He is to be praised, Isaiah! :)

I am glad this encourages you. He's good, isn't he?