Sunday, October 7, 2007

Can Translation Go Too Far?

So what are we advocating? "Let’s wallow in sin, so more grace may pour forth"? Hell, no!

You'll see, above, that I've posted a scripture from the Cotton Patch NT Version written by Clarence Jordon in the hopes that readers in Southern states would more easily identify with its language and places (Corinth is Atlanta, Rome is Washington, etc.). When you have time, please take a look at some of his writings and share your thoughts.

Is this version, with all of its changes, offensive to you? Can translations go too far?

Or, does it not matter to you if people are willing to read it and learn the biblical lessons behind it?



Matthew Hubbard said...

Translations can definately go to far. For example, Much controversy has been expressed with the version called "The Remix" which puts the Bible into "Street Slang and Current Culture."

Also, I believe that translations have gone too far since the King James was created.

FreeIndeed said...

Hi Matthew,

I haven't heard of "The Remix", but I can only imagine what it must read like! :0

Why do you think that other translations have gone too far since the KJV? And what is your definition of "too far"?