Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wife or Mother?

I'm reading a magazine and just came across an interesting question:

Do you consider yourself a wife or a mother first? (Guys, is it husband or father first?)


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Mrs. Brigham said...

This is a good question. After daughter of Elohim, I am wife & helpmeet first, followed by mother, and lastly, homemaker. From the time I was little, my parents both taught me that should I be married w/ children, my husband *must* come first and be the primary relationship in my life. As wonderful as children are, they are only guests in the home for a short time, while marriage is forever.

FreeIndeed said...

Hello, Mrs. Brigham, and great answer!

You are very blessed to learn this at a young age. I talk to many, many women who say the exact opposite.

My husband comes first, but not necessarily because of my conscious decision to make him so. I don't think I ever really thought about it prior to a couple of years ago when I had this conversation with someone else. Thankfully, though, Elohim led me to do His will before I even knew it was the right thing to do as I was raised the exact opposite of you. Where I come from, husbands truly are temporary and children are first.

Our son is not my husband's biological child. He was 2 years old when my husband and I met (he turns 19 in a couple of months), but they took to each other immediately. I'm very blessed that the Father convicted my heart in the way that He did. I know many men and women with children from previous relationships who, because the children are not their spouse's biologically (and usually they've already been divorced as well), place their children above their marriages. Sadly, I've even witnessed one, very ugly, divorce for this very reason.

Thanks for your reply and please have a peaceful day!


Jess said...

In my earthly relationships, I am absolutely a wife first. This is the only human relationship I have taken vows to keep for a lifetime.

As Mrs. Brigham said, children are only children for a time, but they will, sooner than we often realize, begin their own journeys as adults (and, prayerfully and hopefully, as husbands or wives).

It saddens me how many Christian women, whether or not they would answer it as such, live in such a way that it is CLEAR that they are mothers first, and wives second or third or beyond in terms of human relationships.

Interesting question-