Monday, October 1, 2007

Dirty Religion

It's after 2a and I'm in bed blogging on my Blackberry, so forgive me ahead of time for any errors.

I'm just lying here thinking about the deception that masquerades as religion these days. I don't want to list the individual names of folk involved in this deception, nor the MAJOR denominations out there who all claim to be true, yet (from what I can tell) are doing nothing more than controlling their congregants and leading them away from the truth.

I don't assume to know all there is to know about Elohim or even the bible, but I know manipulation when I see it and I trust that, while some of what's being put forth is truth, the method of control in the groups I'm speaking of is all lies.

I've spent the last couple of hours before hitting the sack reading a debate between members of a certain religious group and former members of this same group. The stories shared by the ex-members were almost identical to stories I've heard from former members in other places too, so I tend to believe there's some truth to what they say woke them up and drew them out. Anyway, I'm not up blogging on my mobile to get into the individual tellings. What has me troubled is how many people feel they must have a relationship with Yahweh "through" an organization! It breaks my heart to see people so self-conscious of doing everything the organization tells them to do (or not do) in order to be in Yahweh's good graces.

This also leads me to pray for men. No, not mankind only, but specifically for men. For husbands and fathers to assume the proper role as priests in their homes...for men to study their bibles and instruct and lead their households as they should. To pray over and with their families. There's nothing wrong with being a part of an assembly or church (of course), but far too many are falling into the clutches of false prophets and charlatan churches simply because they have no leadership at home. No one has taught them to pray, to study or been there to answer questions or doubts.

This, of course, isn't saying that the Holy Spirit won't lead people to truth. And I'm not saying that it takes a "man" to teach it to women and children who are capable of praying and studying themselves. But I only wish that men...heads of households.. would be in position, armed and ready with the truth, to rescue their households from the lies that are leading so many young people astray. That they will be more involved in the Spiritual training of their home and not merely leave it up to mothers to teach and lead in these matters. We all know families where mom is the one who teaches the children to pray and herds them off to church each week as dad isn't into that sort of thing. This is what I'm talking about. While the enemy is attacking families with Spiritual falsehoods, many men are in the background paying no mind because their energy is focused on the world and Spiritual matters they haven't the time for. Many are missing in action while the enemy circles.

And, of course, I understand that a lot of men are equally taken in by false prophets and organizations, but I seriously believe its a whole lot harder for them to get their hands on a sincere, prayerful, bible studying/believing man than it is for them to mislead one who isn't in this category.

Messiah showed us how we can have relationship with the Father. He instilled in us that the Father loves us and He paid for our sins with His own life so that we wouldn't be held in bondage, controlled by guilt, judged by men and made to feel we have to run from Elohim. Yet so many man-made, tradition-filled, condemning church organizations preach everything but His goodness, grace and mercy!

I could rant on this all night, but this keyboard's too small, my fingers are tired and my eyelids are heavy. Instead I'll just pray that we all honor Him with our hearts and with our relationship...a relationship through His Son and not a 501(c)3 corporation!


Mrs. Brigham said...

I have often thought many of these same thoughts and must say it is refreshing to know that I am not alone in this thinking.

I came across some false teachings last year, but did not recognize it as such right away. I allowed myself to be taken in by these teachings, bit by bit, until I went to my husband and he saw through the "wolf in sheep's clothing" that I sadly bought into. Rightly dividing the Word is of the utmost importance, especially in today's day & age.

FreeIndeed said...

Hello, Sis:

You definitely aren't alone. I questioned whether my rant, written at such an early/late hour, would even make sense to anyone else, so I'm glad you commented to let me know that I'm not alone either. ;)

Certainly, I don't mean that men are to blame for the current misleading taking place, but like you've so perfectly shared through your own experience, it's sometimes easier to deceive Eve than it is to deceive Adam. I'm so tired of seeing false spirits take control of people's lives and, sometimes, entire families.

We have work to do, though. It's up to us to get the truth to His people and I'm especially thankful for blogs like yours and others that I frequent who are working to do just that.

Thanks, again, for stopping by, Mrs. Brigham.

In love and truth,