Thursday, June 7, 2007

Resepct, Wisdom and Love

Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church ~Ephesians 5:25(a)

It's been said that I put him on a pedal stool and I probably do, but that's because Mr. Free does a great job of being, well, Mr. Free.

While he's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination (trust me, he's not!), I do recognize the good in him. We have been through some terribly tough relationship times, but that's what's always gotten us...well, at least me...through. From the very beginning, I think I saw his heart and I know I saw his potential to be the man/husband that he is today.

While on my knees in prayer this morning, it occurred to me that he does love me like Christ also loved the church. I can always depend on him, he's always got my back, he provides for me, teaches me new things, shelters me, encourages me, forgives me, accepts me as I am and I don't have to do anything special for him to love me...he just does.

This past weekend a family member, observing our interaction together, asked why I asked him permission to speak on a certain topic. Now I'm not one of those robot chicks (not even close) who can't breathe without their man telling them it's okay, but Mr. Free and I have an understanding. We know what makes each other tick and what ticks each other off. Being both mindful and respectful of this, I deferred to his wisdom and his comfort before I added my comments on a very touch subject being discussed. This family member was slightly appalled that I would ask his permission, but what she doesn't understand was that I wasn't asking "Can I" speak on a topic, I was asking "Are you comfortable with what I'm about to say" (cuz he already knew). It's called respect. It's called wisdom. It's called love.

And since he loves me well, there's no reason for me not to defer to him in certain instances. In the early years of our relationship, things weren't always this way, so I can see where it surprises some, but we've reached a point of wisdom now where, frankly, it's not an issue. I am treated and taken care of very well, so he deserves every ounce of my respect. In fact, if anyone has room for improvement in this area, it's ME more than anyone (I tend to be a little sassy, feisty, stubborn and headstrong, lol).

I can see where some women may struggle with this, but really such speaks volumes about the man more than it does of the woman. If a man is on his job...loving his wife as Christ loved the church...who would have difficulty with deferring to his leadership? However, if he's not on his job, well...

Mr. Free is a good man. In fact, I don't know a better one and never have.


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