Monday, June 25, 2007

Marriage Has Already Been Reformed

Well, it looks like 2 couples I've mentioned here are deep in Splitsville. One, Mr. Free and I thought had perhaps changed her mind. Turns out she didn't. She packed her things and moved out of her home this weekend leaving behind a husband and 2 stepchildren. It's been less than 3 years. She's in her 40's and this was her first marriage. He's in his 50's and it was his second.

Then, my cousins Wes and Macy have major drama going on. As previously mentioned, my family...well, one aunt at least...continues to provide "easy escapes" for Wes by taking him on trips without his wife, giving him places to stay (though he and his wife have their own place), etc. This weekend, he goes home to talk to his wife and I happened to call just as they were sitting down together. I encouraged them both towards remaining married and the next call I got was 2 days later after Macy stabbed him in the arm during an argument and is now in jail. I don't know the full story. My sister called to tell me, but I wasn't too interested. She found the whole thing funny. I can't laugh. I continue to pray for them. They've had domestic violence issues between them before, but it's always been him against her. This time, it seems she snapped and, she'll probably have an attempted murder case.

In the meantime, I wonder if people on the verge of divorce (or those who actually go through with it), realize what they're doing. Do they know and do it anyway? Or are they blind to the fact that they're breaking a covenant that's never supposed to be broken? In instances of violence (like Macy and Wes), it's obvious that they don't need to continue as they are. I'm not saying they need a divorce, but they need something...some sort of help/intervention and, apparently, sharing the same space together isn't going to work for them. But for those who aren't dealing with life threatening issues, I wonder if they realize what all a divorce entails. Like marriage, it's so much more than a piece of paper or the breaking of a contract. Breaking a covenant that was meant for life is not Our Father's intention for us. For this reason, it's ULTRA important for people to really know one another, to really know themselves and to really understand the committment they're making before they make it. This is why I can't get with that whole 2 year deadline rule for marriage.

So many fight against marriage reform as a way to block same sex couples from State marriages. However, marriage has already been reformed. None of us accept it as it was given to us in the beginning. It's all about paperwork now. Let no man put asunder is nothing more than an ancient ideal.