Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Woman For All Times

I ran across this in one of my old journals. It's my little elaboration about the Proverbs 31 wife and husband:

She's is worth more than the most expensive diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc. She is priceless!

She is such because her husband trusts her. She has never had to demand his respect because, through her lifestyle, she commands it. She does not disrespect him nor cheat on him with other men. She keeps his confidences and he does not fear her harming him mentally, physically or emotionally. She satisfies his needs emotionally and sexually. She does not seek to hold him back in his education, career, Spiritual growth or in any area of his life that Yahweh leads him. She is not threatened by his success, rather she seeks to help him achieve his goals in any way she righteously can. She uses her strengths and abilities to aid him in being all he can be.

She is resourceful, hard working and can turn what seems like nothing into something beautiful and useful. She buys and enjoys imported foods from far away lands. She is cultured and her horizons are broad. She's task oriented and is up with the sun making sure that her household is in order. She prepares healthy meals and plans out her day's work. When possible, she delegates tasks for maximum efficiency. She's keen and able to make sound business decisions on her own. She's multi-talented and able to perform difficult tasks and willing to even perform tasks that some may think are beneath her. Whatever it takes...she gets the job done.

She is energetic and takes care of herself to keep herself strong and active for she always strives to be a hard worker. She keeps an eye open for a good deal, as she'd rather be frugal than wasteful. She clearly understands the value of a buck! She works all day, and even into the night, making certain that her home and businesses run well. She uses her resources to help the poor and she gives, without reserve, to those in need. She doesn't worry about lean seasons, for she makes preparations for herself and her family just in case things get tight. Through her resourcefulness she can help to provide for them all. She loves fine furnishings and fine clothing and, because she keeps an eye out for bargains and can make a dollar stretch, she can afford to wear the finest in fashion.

Everyone knows who her husband is because he's a leader in the community and surrounds himself with other men of valued leadership. She didn't marry no slouch!

She offers unique products and services through her business. She is strong, full of self-respect and doesn't worry about growning older. She speaks with wisdom and kindness, no matter what, and at all times. She pays close attention to her family and her household. Nothing gets by her and no one goes unattended. She doesn't ignore work that needs to be done, she doesn't procrastinate on tasks and she stays busy.

Her children respect her and tell everyone what a great mom she is. Her husband is proud to announce her as his wife. He extols her virtues out loud. He acknowledges that great women exist, but assures her (and everyone else) that she is the best of them all. Charm can be fake and motivated by ulterior plans and beauty, physical beauty, is only skin deep, but any woman who trusts wholeheartedly, praises and reveres Yahweh is to be appreciated with words of praise and deeds, both in public and private, of appreciation. Give her credit and accolades for every great and even small deed she does. She deserves honor and recognition from even presidents and kings!


NOTE TO SELF: I've got lots of work to do if I'm going to live up to her standard!


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