Friday, June 1, 2007


In Revelation 21:6, Yahweh stated that He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. And we know that He already knows every day, every hour, every minute, every second before it comes to pass.

In contemplating this now a thought just occurred to me. A little background first:

In January of this year, a special friend passed away. His body was discovered on the 6th, which is the same day I was notified. In speaking with the coroner, I was told that he'd been gone for somewhere between 12-24 hours prior to his body being discovered. The day before this, he'd been seen alive by another person which supports the coroner's approximate time of death.

However, on about the 2nd or 3rd of January, I had a dream in which my friend stopped by to visit me on my mother's front porch. In real life, he was homeless, very dirty, matted hair, rotten teeth, etc. In the dream, though, he was clean, very neatly dressed, had perfect white teeth, was clean shaven, tanned and quite handsome. He had a sort of "glow" about him (almost like he didn't match with the rest of the color and visual texture surrounding us in my dream). He also had a very "peaceful" feeling when I touched him (sounds funny to say, but that's the best I can describe it) and his teeth were very white, but a different kind of white than anything I can accurately describe here. He told me that he just stopped by to let me know that he'd made it through all of the bad stuff, that he wanted me to know that he was okay and then he warmly thanked me. While I'm sitting here thinking about this dream, I'm only just now recalling that this was so true to his personality. He never wanted to be a burden to anyone, was always very humble and only wanted his loved ones to know he was okay (long story about contact with his family who didn't know where he was for several years. Upon finally being reconnected with them about a year prior to his death, and in contact they maintained with him afterwards via letters, the only thing he ever wanted them to know was that he was okay. He never asked anyone for anything and never expected anything from anyone). Don't know why this didn't resonate with me sooner, but I'm only just now thinking tonight how much a part of his personality that one sentiment was which is just what he'd stopped by in the dream to tell me (of course, I'm saying stop by as in that's what he did in the dream sequence...I don't think he literally stopped by in any sort of spiritual way). I still don't entirely understand why I had the dream, but I do think it had a purpose in giving me a little peaceful closure. Even though it wasn't real, I like to think that he is peaceful and okay, just like he was portrayed in the dream.

Anyway, back to the time issue...

My dream was days prior to his actual death, yet I knew somewhere in my gut, after having the dream, that he was dead (even though technically he wasn't...yet). When I got the call about his demise, I was impacted, but not shocked. Even before I could verify it with the police and the coroner, I knew without a doubt that he was gone based on this dream. It's important to note here that, though I've had some very "odd" experiences before, I don't really like to get too caught up in exploring these things. My personal opinion is that sometimes people are mislead from the truth when they go looking outside of the bible and outside of Yahweh for the unexplainable things that we sometimes witness. Probably not true for all, but that's just how my little mind works and so I'm careful about putting too much on things like this, lol. This dream, however, hasn't really troubled me, but has had me curious since it all happened. Primarily it's been because of the time factor. Had this happened after his death, I wouldn't have thought twice about it.

So, tonight, I'm sitting here thinking about time and, in particular, the scripture of Yahweh being First and Last, Beginning and End. And, being that I do entertain thoughts that everything is already done according to in, He's not dealing in time and waiting for, or making, things to happen, but they've already all happened within His creation and we're the ones catching up as we pass through time...and now something "clicks" and the dream suddenly makes more sense to me. Although I had the experience before my friend actually died, is it possible that I was allowed a glimpse of something to come which had already, in fact, happened in the Spiritual realm, though we'd yet to catch up with it in the physical realm?


Time is such a fascinating mystery to us, but is so different with Him. Scripture tells us that a thousand years, to us, is like one day to Him. That in the twinkling of an eye, we'll trade the corruptible for the incorruptible (which is a MAJOR transformation for such a short time, lol). We put so much emphasis on time, age and lifespans, yet it's almost as if this time that we live in is of very little significance to Him. He's so much larger and greater than any time we can imagine. Even any eternity we can imagine. Thankfully, though, we have it (time) to get ourselves together and ready for His judgment.

I feel like I'm rambling now, so it may just be that I'm up too late (as usual) and am thinking way too much about this whole concept, lol.

Sorry if I've wasted your time in reading this.


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